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Opening hours and admission

Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales

15th to the 22nd of October

Activities all days from 11am-3pm

Monday the 16th the museum will be open

Meet Clumsy Hans, the Princess on the Pea, the vain emperor and other characters from Hans Christian Andersens world famous fairy tales from the 19th century. During the day there will be short plays and the fairy tale characters will mingle with the audience. 

Try the self-guided-tour for children, that is available for free at the entrance: Once Upon a Time There Was a Boy - Seven stops in Hans Christian Andersens childhood, where the author's poor upbringing can be experienced through the old houses and historical gardens at the Open Air Museum, only 30 minutes from central Copenhagen.

While you are there you can:

  • take a horse carriage ride (30 DKK per person)
  • visit old houses, farms and mills from all over Denmark, northern Germany, Sweden and the Faroe Islands



The Open Air Museum - an iconic destination since 1897

One of the largest and oldest open air museums in the world.

The Open Air Museum is a museum of rural architecture focusing on landscapes, buildings and people.

But it is far more than just a historical museum, it is also a popular tourist attraction that appeals to the visitor's imagination.

Arriving at the museum, you enter a different world: the countryside of historic Denmark. It is not difficult to imagine yourself transported centuries back in time, strolling along the gravel roads and visiting the fully-furnished homes of the people of the past, such as the peasant, the wealthy miller, the village weaver or the inmates of the poorhouse.



Opening hours and admission

Monday - Sunday 10 - 16

Day Ticket Adult DKK 65
1 Child + 1 Adult DKK 50
Child under 18 is free

Season Pass + 1 Companion DKK 155
All Venues Pass + 1 Companion
 DKK 395

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