Take a walk in the footsteps of refugees

Leaving what you know.
Living in uncertainty.
Travelling from place to place.
On the way to an unknown future.

The temporary exhibition Flight for Life focuses on refugees and their experiences as they escape from their home country fleeing to Denmark.

Through objects and stories, the exhibition provides knowledge of and insight into what it means to be on the run. Get an insight into the uncertain journey of refugees; the people they meet on their way, constant challenging decisions, and the surroundings they must temporarily call home. In a perpetual state of waiting.

During the past year, the National Museum of Denmark has collected objects from Greek refugee camps and Danish asylum centres. Objects on display in Flight for Life include a dinghy, life jackets, clothes, tents and teargas grenades. There are stories of life in the temporary camps throughout Europe where refugees try to create a meaningful existence and a sense of normality while waiting for their fate. All are objects, which now and in 100 years document the refugee streams currently affecting Europe as a consequence of war and conflict in the Middle East.

As the first wave of refugees reached Denmark in the fall 2015, the Danes reacted in various ways. Some offered them coffee, others put up signs showing the way out of Denmark. Both reactions are described. Flight for Life is not an exhibition about the refugee debate and does not promote a specific agenda. We leave that to the individual visitor.

Flight for Life can be seen at The Royal Arsenal Museum from 20 January to 11 June 2017.

The exhibition is a travelling exhibition which in the coming years can be seen at various regional museums throughout Denmark.

The exhibition is supported by Sportgoodsfonden.

New technologies

Through virtual reality, guests can “visit” a refugee camp. A digital asset which brings them close to the conditions refugees live in. Guests can also follow the development in the refugee situation through facts and figures from UNHCR which are continuously updated.

National Museum of DenmarkPlay

360 video - like being there yourself

It can be hard to imagine everyday life in a refugee camp. Through 360 degree video, guests can get closer than ever. In cooperation with the Virtual Reality production house KHORA, the National Museum has recorded a number of films supporting a new way of documenting the refugee situation. The production shows a mountain of lifejackets left behind on the Greek island of Lesbos; a refugee camp in Northern Greece and the temporary tent camp in Thisted, Denmark.

Visualizing data

As a new initiative in connection with exhibitions, the National Museum utilises live data to visualise the movement of refugees. Data is automatically extracted from UNHCR and is projected in the exhibition. This means that the exhibition is continuously updated with the latest figures from the UN.

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