The Royal Danish Naval Museum

Experience Denmark’s unique naval history museum with its fleet of ship models and other fascinating exhibits charting the history of Danish naval artillery, dramatic battles at sea with exploding cannons, and Copenhagen as an esteemed naval city.

You can admire armed sailing ships with proud figureheads, conjuring up perilous sea battles between daring pirates and heroic admirals. And don’t miss the Spækhuggeren (‘The Killer Whale’) submarine, where you can experience the claustrophobia of the 33 men on board sailing for months without a single glimpse of dry land.

The museum will be closed from January 1st 2016

In 1989 The Royal Danish Naval Museum came aboard the old naval hospital ‘Søkvæsthuset’, but from the 1st of January 2016 the museum will close and move to The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum.  It will reopen in august 2016.

Children, Admirals and Pirates on Deck

In a true spirit of adventure children can explore The Royal Danish Naval Museum’s entertaining and educational children’s museum, bringing history to life on the deck of a ship armed with life-size cannons.  A pirate’s birthday party, with ship’s biscuits, swashbuckling sabres and cannon loading can also be arranged on board.

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