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The Serampore Initiative

The Serampore Initiative


The National Museum of Denmark will launch a number of projects in Serampore over the coming years as part of its special focus on Danish colonialism in India. The projects concern research, promotion of knowledge and restoration of heritage buildings.

The economy in India is growing fast and in recent years, many of the historical buildings in Serampore have been replaced with 5-storey concrete buildings. The remaining historical buildings have become severely dilapidated and are in risk of demolition. Thus, it is now time to act if the last physical remains of Serampore’s Indo-Danish cultural heritage are to be secured for posterity.

The different projects of the Serampore Initiative are directed towards documenting and securing vital parts of Serampore’s cultural heritage as well as improving public spaces. Furthermore, the initiative wishes to put focus on the town’s unique history through new research and awareness projects.

The restoration projects will be carried out in close collaboration with local authorities and  preservation architects, and the Serampore Initiative will contribute with architectural consultancy and historical knowledge of the buildings.

The projects have been made possible with the support of the foundation Realdania and the Danish Ministry of Culture. The list of projects will be expanded as we further develop the collaboration with our Indian partners.