The Danish War Museum is a specialised, cultural history museum. Visiting our permanent and special exhibitions on themes like war, defence and arms technology, you can experience the entire span of the military history of Denmark from the 1500s to today.

Since 1928 the museum has been located in King Christian IV’s arsenal, which was completed in 1604. The arsenal is 163m long and 23m wide, and was originally part of Christian IV’s naval harbour complex. The ground floor of the building is dedicated to the museum’s artillery exhibition.

The first floor of the building is also a large, open space. Formerly the site of an old exhibition of hand weapons and armour, the entire floor is now dedicated to a cultural history exhibition on Denmark at war from 1500 to today, as well as some of the museum’s most outstanding special collections.
You can see the current exhibitions at the museum in the menu to the left.

All firearms on display are non-functional.

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