The Danish War Museum is a specialised, cultural history museum. Visiting our permanent and special exhibitions on themes like war, defence and arms technology, you can experience the entire span of the military history of Denmark from the 1500s to today.

Denmark at War

The exhibition offers visitors a unique overview of Danish military history, as well as the opportunity to explore hundreds of exhibits from centuries of history and the very immediate military present.

A Distant War

This 600m2 exhibition recreates a Danish military camp in Afghanistan and its surroundings as realistically as possible

Artillery Hall

The 160m-long Artillery Hall, built by order of King Christian IV, has contained cannons since it was completed in 1604. 


Explore history through everything from hunting weapons, model planes and samurai armour, to medals, sanitary appliances and posters from the Cold War.

Denmark's Navy

The collection presents the history, development and challenges of the Danish Navy from the start of the 16th century up to the present day.

All firearms on display are non-functional.

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