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A Distant War

Get on the ground in a Danish military camp in Afghanistan with a guided tour of The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum’s exhibition A Distant War – a unique opportunity to experience the war through the eyes of Danish soldiers.

Gain a broader understanding of the daily life of soldiers and the realities of modern warfare on this guided tour, which follows the journey of a soldier from his childhood bedroom in Denmark, through the military camps in the brutal desert of Afghanistan, and home again.

Denmark is a nation at war, but what do Danish soldiers actually do in Afghanistan? What assignments and challenges are there for a young soldier before, during and after being sent to a warzone? This guided tour gives you a thorough introduction to the entire campaign in Afghanistan – and a lot of food for thought. There is, of course, plenty of time for dialogue and questions during the guided tour.

A Distant War consists primarily of authentic objects and equipment brought back to Denmark from Afghanistan, many of which you can touch and hold during the guided tour. You can sense unfamiliar smells, hear the soldiers’ own accounts, and get a taste of life as a soldier on a foreign mission during a guided tour of A Distant War – the closest you’ll come to Afghanistan without going there yourself.

Duration: 1 hour

Numbers: Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions there is a limit of maximum 25 participants.

During opening hours: 950 DKK plus admission.
Outside regular opening hours: 1.500 DKK plus admission.

To book a guided tour please e-mail or call us on +45 41 20 60 80.
You are also welcome to contact us if you have any special requests for a guided tour.

A Distant War