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Denmark at War

Embark on the fascinating historical journey of Denmark at War from 1500 to the unknown conflicts of the future.

You can book a guided tour with an enthusiastic and qualified guide, who will tell you the story of Denmark at war over the past five centuries. They can tell you about lesser-known wars, like the Theatre War in 1788, as well as Denmark’s role in the landmark conflicts of World Wars I and II. Experience the last five centuries of war from a Danish perspective.

You will also be guided through the collection exhibition, displaying fascinating, beautiful or otherwise compelling artefacts from the museum’s unique collections. Many of the artefacts shown here have never been exhibited before.

Duration: 1 hour

Numbers: Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions there is a limit of maximum 9 participants

During opening hours: 950 DKK plus admission.
Outside regular opening hours: 1.500 DKK plus admission.

To book a guided tour please e-mail or call us on +45 41 20 60 80.
You are also welcome to contact us if you have any special requests for a guided tour.

Denmark at War