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Photo Martin de Thurah and Kasper Tuxen

Join the vikings - on "The Raid"

Experience Denmark's largest collection of treasures from the Viking Age in our special exhibition "The Raid". Hop aboard and join the Vikings on an adventurous raid.

On an autumn day in 859, a dragon appears, as if hovering over the whimsical waves of the Mediterranean Sea. It cuts through the water heading for North Africa. The dragon's head is carved at the front of a magnificent Viking ship from Scandinavia. The captain is the legendary Viking Björn Ironside, joined by his valorous companion Hasting. Ignited by the desire for adventure and riches, the entire fleet of 62 ships sails for Rome.

Now, the National Museum invites our guests to join the dangerous journey, as the Vikings of the legendary fleet fight their way through the Emir of North Africa's defense. Thus, the visitors themselves are present when the Vikings plunder his city and when the journey culminates in a fateful moment in the Strait of Gibraltar on the way back to the Nordic countries. For behind the red rocks of Africa awaits the Sultan of Cordoba's mighty fleet. Vengeful and prepared with a new incendiary weapon; Greek fire in the shape of large, fearsome firebombs.

Do Björn Ironside, Hasting and the guests of the National Museum manage to dodge the flaming weapons? Well, only time will tell.

The world's largest Viking ship and the treasures from the voyages

In addition to the total experience of the expedition, the exhibition also contains the world's largest collection of treasures from the Viking Age. Among others, the legendary Danish Viking ship ‘Roskilde 6’, which has been exhibited in museums around the world. You can see the remains of the Viking ship with an incredible length of 37.4 m., in the exhibition. Originally from 1025, the ship was discovered in the harbor of Roskilde in 1997. Another highlight of the exhibition is Fæstedskatten - Denmark’s largest Viking treasure trove with a total weight of 1.5 kg.

New knowledge: The Vikings were style-conscious

As part of the exhibition, the National Museum will present the latest knowledge about the Vikings. Today, scientists have a qualified idea of ​​what the Vikings looked like, what they ate, how they dressed and which diseases they suffered from. Scientists and archaeologists have thoroughly explored Viking tombs in Scandinavia and England. Strontium analyzes and DNA samples have provided completely new insights into the lives of the Vikings. In the exhibition, visitors will experience what the Vikings' everyday life looked like when they did not engage in voyages or war.

Briefly about the exhibition

  • The exhibition can be experienced in Egmonthallen, the largest exhibition hall of the National Museum of Denmark.
  • The exhibition consists of two parts; first you experience the world of the Vikings and some of the most spectacular treasures of the Viking Age. Then you join the Vikings’ raid through a cinematic story, experiencing the journey first-hand.
  • Archaeologist and bestselling author Jeanette Varberg is the driving force behind the exhibition. In addition, the leading team consists of senior researcher Anne Pedersen, senior researcher Lisbeth Imer and curator of Danish Prehistory Peter Pentz.
  • The exhibition is the first part of a trilogy. In June 2024, the National Museum will present the next exhibition which focuses on the Vikings in the 10th Century.