The White Buses

20 June 2015 - 28 March 2016
70 years after the operation with The White Buses, we are opening a large special exhibition about the buses that evacuated 17,000 people from German concentration camps during World War II. This rescue operation is not particularly well known, and therefore on its 70th anniversary, the National Museum wishes to tell the story of the buses and the drivers, doctors and nurses who went on the dangerous expedition.

The exhibition will also focus upon the concept of citizenship and discuss the dilemmas that can face citizens of a society. Therefore, the exhibition is not only about how citizenship was displayed during World War II – it will also ask the question: how are we good citizens today?

Free admision.

Cosplayer - Manga youth!

From March 2015 – New permanent exhibition at the National Museum in Copenhagen

Free admision.

The exhibition Cosplayer - Japanese pop culture! focuses on how Japanese popular culture was created, fashioned and recreated across physical and visual boundaries between Japan and Denmark. In the exhibition you meet three Danish and three Japanese cosplayers, which in their own way cross the boundaries between industry and consumer, media and individual, and between Japanese and Danish – and create their own media worlds. You are also invited to join the playing!

Cosplay is a combination of the words costume and play. With the success of Japanese popular culture, cosplay has spread globally and been expressed locally.

Cosplay - Japanese pop culture! exhibits the Danish and Japanese cosplayers’ photographs, costumes, sketches, inspiration from manga and much more, and explores cosplay from the perspective of video interviews.

Web of the Spiderwoman - Rugs from the Navajo Nation

From February 8th 2014 – December 30th, 2015, the National Museum of Denmark shows a special exhibition about the Navajo and their close relationship to the land, sheep, weaving and a lifestyle that may appear unchanged, but which constantly adapts to the American society surrounding them.

Free admision.

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