Treasure Troves of 2015

The exhibition opens January 30th 2016 displaying the most recent Danish Treasure Trove.

The exhibition showcases a selection of the many treasures discovered by amateur archaeologists and detectorists across the country. You can see examples of the many different objects made from materials like metal, amber, bone and stone that are declared as Danish Treasure Trove.

Among the exhibited objects you can see a golden ring mounted with seven diamonds and inlaid with enamel found at Kærstrup Voldsted on the island of Tåsinge. The 17th century ring is a rare find in a European context and adding to its significance is the fact that it possibly belonged to Ellen Marsvin - the mother in law of the Danish King Christian IV.

Another exhibited object is a magnificent and richly ornamented silver cup from Fejø estimated to be from the early 8th century viking age. The cup was probably made in the southern part of what we today know as Germany or Austria. 

Apart from showcasing the objects this years exhibition has a strengthened focus on the individuals behind the finds.

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