Children's Birthday Party

Get your sun helmet on and go on a expedition on your next birthday at the Danish National Museum.
For children between 5-9 years.

On the expedition the children will be met by challenges and will learn about different countries customs, cultures and traditions. The expedition will begin when the survival training is completed and the expedition passport is handed out.

The expedition will take 1½ hour and will take place in different areas of the museum with guidance from two expedtionleaders. It is important that you are aware that we expect a couple of adults will participate and take responsibility for the children.

You will have a room to your disposal for 1½ hour. You can use the time to do a birthday lunch or whatever you like. The expeditionleaders will not be available at this point.
There will be tables, chairs and some birthday decorations. Besides the mentioned, you will have to bring everything yourself. When the birthday is done you have to clean the tables and sweep the floor.

When you arrive at the National Museum you have to check-in at the information counter.

Price 2000 DKK. Max. 30 children.

If you have any questions please contact us on weekdays between 10-12 on +45 41 20 60 66.

Please note that the Children’s Museum is very popular on weekends, and therefor it will not be possible to book a visit at the Children’s Museum while celebrating your birthday. 

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