Book a Guided Tour at The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum

Book your guided tour at or on + 45 41 20 60 66 (Mon-Fri from 10.00-14.00).
Guided tours (for up to 30 people) cost:
800DKK for 1 hour.
1,200DKK for 1.5 hours.
1,600DKK for 2 hours.
We will forward your invoice to the address you give us.
You can book either by phone or mail.

When booking by mail please include the following information:
• Name of contact person
• Telephone number of contact person during working hours
• Name, address and telephone number of institution or organisation where applicable
• Number of visitors
We are very flexible in our scheduling of guided tours.

Book a guided tour at or on +45 41 20 60 66 (Mon-Fri, 10.00-12.00).

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