Living presentation

Living presentation and personally meeting the communicators is central to the Trelleborg experience. The museum’s reconstructed Viking village Slagløse and the reconstructed long house, together with the recreational outdoors areas, form the framework of the living presentation. Volunteer Vikings participate together with the museum’s communicators in the living presentation at Trelleborg and are thus part of it themselves.

It is Trelleborg’s vision to give the public the most authentic and living picture of life in the Viking period as is possible. The living presentation at Trelleborg is important to the interpretation of the conditions that were the reality for Vikings at Trelleborg over 1000 years ago. Therefore, the museum wishes for the reconstructed houses to be used, and for Vikings to live and work in and around them. As a volunteer, you can use the framework of Trelleborg, where crafts and domestic industry are at the centre of the presentation of the daily lives of Vikings in times of war and peace.
At Trelleborg Viking Fortress the production of new clothes, plates, axes, spoons and other items is required all year round. By arrangement with the museum, clothes, tools and other items can be borrowed, and then used when you take part in the living presentation. If you wish to make your own personal equipment, we are happy to provide technical advice, but you will need to bring your own materials.

The volunteers at Trelleborg are a large and manifold group, which has a varied and considerable level of background knowledge. As a volunteer you can participate and be active in many ways. You can take part in the association days, which are held once a month. In addition, you can participate in the living interpretation during certain holiday periods, weekends or in the festival week. We expect that our volunteer Vikings live up to and respect the guidelines, which we have set out for the use of the facilities at Trelleborg in collaboration with the Friends of Trelleborg.

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