The Friends of Trelleborg

The Friends of Trelleborg was established in 2009. As a member of the Friends of Trelleborg, you get free admission to Trelleborg Viking Fortress, as well as the opportunity to learn and actively participate in the Viking environment.

Trelleborg’s various associations
You can join the Friends of Trelleborg and become active in one or more of its associations. The associations work with both the practical and specialist aspects of Viking crafts. The associations provide the knowledge and opportunity to work authentically with the Viking Age. They are open to new members, who wish to learn about or experiment with prehistoric crafts. The following associations have been established so far:
The beer brewing association, which focuses upon beer and mead brewing, based upon the methods used in the Viking period.   

The smithing association, which is a group of people interested in smithing, who make reconstructions of tools and metal objects from the Viking Age.
The textile association, which works with the materials used to make clothes and other items in the Viking period, as well as the sewing techniques of the Viking Age.
The garden association, which is involved with work on herb gardens and from 2013 a new ”kitchen garden” at Trelleborg.

The warrior association, in which you can be trained in Viking combat and combat techniques in order to participate in re-enactments at the same level as established warrior groups. All, of 15 years and above, are welcome to take part in the training.

The wood and construction association makes reconstructions or copies of the wooden finds from the Viking Age. The association also helps the museum with maintenance and repair of the buildings in the village of Slagløse, and in the long term will contribute to new reconstruction buildings.

The Fortress People
If you do not wish to concentrate on a specific craft, you can join Trelleborg’s large group of volunteers, the Fortress People (Borgfolket). The Fortress People are volunteer Vikings, who play an active part in the presentation of the daily Viking life and are part of our public interpretation work. The volunteers live the daily lives of Vikings and possess basic knowledge of various “everyday” crafts and daily chores. They actively participate in the presentation of Slagløse by undertaking daily practical tasks. The association is open to everyone, both young and old, experienced and inexperienced.

If you want to be a volunteer at Trelleborg Viking Fortress, you are very welcome to contact the museum or the Friends of Trelleborg. You can participate as a volunteer in the daytime, and also stay at Trelleborg Viking Fortress for several days and live in one of the houses.
If you are interested please contact the museum at or on tel.: 58 54 95 06. You can also visit the Friends of Trelleborg at (in Danish only).

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