Volunteers at Trelleborg

You can become a member of one or more of Trelleborg’s voluntary groups. Most of the volunteers are members of the Friends of Trelleborg (Trelleborgs Venner) and either belong to associations or the Fortress People (Borgfolket). A group of volunteers at Trelleborg help with some of the practical tasks at the museum, often relating to the maintenance of the museum’s reconstructions or large-scale arrangements, such as the yearly Viking Festival.

The Trelleborg Viking Fortress and the Friends of Trelleborg arrange courses and workshops for all Vikings, including in various Viking Age crafts, where there is the time and opportunity to concentrate and exchange experiences.

If you want to be a volunteer at Trelleborg Viking Fortress, you are very welcome to contact the museum or the Friends of Trelleborg. You can participate as a volunteer during the day, or stay at Trelleborg Viking Fortress for several days and live in one of the houses.

If you are interested please contact the museum at trelleborg@natmus.dk or on tel.: 58 54 95 06.

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