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Vikings - Warriors From the Sea

The fascinating world of the Vikings is presented in the National Museum's international traveling exhibition 'Vikings - warriors from the sea'. Using more than 700 objects from the National Museum´s collections, the exhibition tells the story about the Vikings at home and abroad - about their conquests, plundering, trade and colonization far out in the world - and about their everyday lives in the Nordic region. During the Viking Age, King Harald Bluetooth assembled Denmark into a major kingdom. The first cities were founded and Christianity displaced the old pagan faith. Denmark turned in earnest towards Europe.

After  Alicante in Spain , the exhibition can be seen from 12 April to 12 November 2017 at the Museu de Marinha i Lissabon. Here you can get an insight into the lives of the Vikings as warriors, traders, farmers and, not least, great engineers, shipbuilders, and seafarers. The Viking´s travels brought them far away from their homelands and secured a legacy of the Vikings which is still alive 1000 years after. It tells the story about a population and a society characterized by power demonstration and struggles, innovative constructions, beautiful craftsmanship and the transformation to Christianity.

Exhibition trailer from Alicante

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