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Mikkel Venborg Pedersen

Senior Researcher, PhD in European Ethnology and Dr. Phil in Cultural History
Modern history and world cultures
  • European and Danish Cultural History 17th-20th century
  • Elites, manors and nobility, the bourgeoisie
  • Rural culture, incl. landscape and buildings
  • Consumption and luxury
  • Dress and fashion
  • Tourism
  • Denmark and Scandinavia
  • Schleswig and Holstein
  • Germany
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Europe

Mikkel Venborg Pedersen researches the writing, tradition and theory and methodology of cultural history and the humanities in general too, while the relationship between people and the both social and material world are fundamental interests. He is author and editor of a large number of articles and books in various languages, including in English Fashionable Encounters (2014) and The Danish Country House (2014).