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A Children’s Museum That’s Fun!

The National Museum of Denmark is an exciting world of adventure and surprises, a wondrous place where kids explore history while they play. 

Go back in time to discover our ancient ancestors who chased the legendary aurochs through dense green forests of the North. Meet the awesome Vikings who tamed the seas and sailed to the farthest corners of the globe. Catch the spirit of adventure that sent fearless explorers in search of the unknown. 

In other words, come and explore Denmark’s rich history through the The National Museum’s fun and educational children’s activities. Come and see some of the world’s most precious treasures right in the middle of Copenhagen.

No “Do Not Touch” signs here!

The Children’s Museum is an indoor playground where kids of all ages have fun discovering the past. It offers a wealth of family activities that make your museum experience a genuine adventure.

Take the family on a voyage in a Viking ship. Become a schoolchild of the 1930s and find out what your great-grandparents were learning. Make a snack in the ancient medieval kitchen. Get the castle ready for an enemy attack.

The Children’s Museum is one place where kids are invited to touch everything in sight!

For kids only: the Boredom Button

Visiting the National Museum can sometimes be a drag, so The National Museum has come up with the answer The Boredom Button! 

Anything can happen when you find it and give it a push! Statues come to life, paintings talk, and secret chests open to reveal their treasures. Nobody knows just what to expect. You may even meet a fire-breathing dragon, a sword-swinging samurai, or a thief out to snatch The Golden Horns. Be on the lookout, because the Boredom Button might be found here, there, or anywhere at all in The National Museum’s gigantic building.

Opening hours and prices

The Children’s Museum is open all days10.00–16.30
(Mondays closed)

Adult ticket DKK 130
Children under 18 years free


Food and Drinks

The museum restaurant, Smör, offers child-friendly food and delicious pastries.

You’re welcome to bring your own food and drink and enjoy it in the dining room next to the Children's Museum.