In 1995 the Museum at Trelleborg, opened and most of the material that had been found during the previous excavations was transferred from the National Museum.

Some of the material that was recovered is still being conserved, including boat parts and a log, which should be able to provide dendrochronological dating.
In 2004 the exhibition was modernised. This reorganisation included a model showing the defences in cross section and new exhibition texts, which tell the story of Trelleborg and inform visitors about the Viking Age in general.

The exhibition includes most of the archaeological finds from the excavations. Here you can see tools, weapons, timber objects, ceramics and a large number of other finds, together with four of the best preserved skeletons from the site. The exhibition contains a number of reconstructed Viking costumes. You can also try out the chain mail, helmets and weapons, and get a real sense of the Viking Age.  

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