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The family in Borum Eshøj

The large barrow Borum Eshøj near Århus lay on a hill with a wide view. In 1871 parts of the mound were being removed and the first grave was found. In it lay the body of an elderly woman. During a more extensive excavation in 1875 two coffins were found containing the remains of two men.  One of these was old and the other was a young man. The mound was probably raised over the coffin of the old man, who lay at its centre. The other two graves were added later. The oak trees of which the coffins were made were felled around 1350 BC.


The family in Borum Eshøj
The excavation of Borum Eshøj. Watercolour by J. Magnus Petersen, 1875.
The family from Borum Eshøj
Borum Eshøj is located here.