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The National Museum / Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen
The National Museum clad in rainbow colors / Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Copenhagen’s top attractions

Copenhagen is perfect for sightseeing. The lovely Danish capital has lots to see and do for everyone! In fact, if you want to take it all in, you’ll be in for a very busy time. Meeting the people of Copenhagen is one of the best ways to experience the city, and there are so many great places to get acquainted!


Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen

1. Meet The Danes

1. Meet The Danes

Long known for their convivial lifestyle of “hygge”, the Danes are a people who welcome visitors and tourists and like to share good times throughout the city’s many beautiful parks, streets, and open spaces.

Hop on a bike and explore Copenhagen’s charming nooks and crannies for yourself—you’re bound to find your own favourite spot.

Or dive into history with a guided tour at The National Museum of Denmark, where you’ll discover how the Danes have come to be the people they are today.

The Throne Room, Christiansborg Palace / Photo: Thorkild Jensen

2. Explore Christiansborg Palace

A must for all fans of magnificent sights, stately Christiansborg Palace is Denmark’s national centre of power. Visit Parliament or the Queen's work place at Christiansborg Palace. All perform their official functions within the palace’s historic walls.

The Victorian Home / Photo: John Lee & Arnold Mikkelsen

3. Guided tour of the Victorian Home

Close to The National Museum of Denmark, this charming and cosy residence from a bygone time features the finest materials and craftsmanship of the late nineteenth century.

The National Museum of Denmark / Photo: Rune Clausen

4. The National Museum of Denmark

The nation’s largest and most comprehensive cultural and historical museum offers a dazzling spectrum of fascinating things to see. Virtually like entering a time-machine you can encounter Vikings, Egyptian mummies, and an old hash stall from Christiania.

5. The Sun Chariot - a Bronze Age Treasure

The prehistoric Sun Chariot, the only object of its kind in the world, was unearthed in 1902 when the former bog Trundholm Mose in northwestern Zealand was ploughed for the first time. The elegant spiral ornamentation that graces the golden sun disc reveals its ancient Nordic origins. Take a closer look at this prized piece of Danish history at The National Museum.

7. Visit naval icons from the Cold War

Right on the waterfront, close to the Opera House in Copenhagen Harbour, you’ll get close to history on board three naval icons from the Cold War: the submarine Saelen, the guided missile boat Sehested, and the frigate Peder Skram. These vessels, which look as if they’d just been taken out of service, are open to visitors during the summer and on autumn holidays.

9. The Danish War Museum (formerly The Royal Arsenal Museum)

This acclaimed museum of military history is located Christian IV's solid weaponry from 1604 right in the centre of power of Denmark's capital. Enter a Danish military camp from the war in Afghanistan, hear about life in the Danish Navy, and get an insight into Denmark's wars since the 1500's.

6. Travel back to Danish Prehistory

Travel back in time to a Denmark before history began and gain new insights into our ancestors of long ago. At The National Museum of Denmark, you’ll experience exciting national treasures like the Egtved girl’s grave, the Gundestrup cauldron, the Hoby tomb, and much more.

8. A Children’s museum that’s fun

Take the family on a voyage in a Viking ship. Become a schoolchild of the 1930s and find out what your great-grandparents were learning. Make a snack in the ancient medieval kitchen. Get the castle ready for an enemy attack. The Children’s Museum at the National Museum invites kids to touch everything in sight!

10. Old Denmark – one of the largest outdoor museums in the world

Just a short trip outside the city is Old Denmark - Open Air Museum. It’s a wondrous place where you enter a totally different world—the delightful countryside of a bygone Denmark.

Also worth a visit: The Danish Music Museum

Whether or not you have a musical bent, you’ll be singing the praises of The Danish Music Museum, founded in 1898. Wide-ranging exhibits trace the history of musical instruments from Europe, Asia, and Africa from the sixteenth century to today.

Also worth a visit: The Danish Music Museum