Historical knowledge

The Viksø helmets

In a newly opened peat-digging area of Brøns Mose at Viksø (Veksø) on Zealand one of the workers heard a crunching sound under his spade. He had chanced upon two almost identical horned helmets of bronze. These were decorated with bosses and adorned with eyes and beaks. The helmets from Viksø are from the Bronze Age and were made in the early part of the first millennium BC. They were probably used at religious ceremonies. Later on they were deposited in the bog as offerings. One of the helmets was placed on a wooden tray of ash. The offerings may also have included a ceramic vessel.

Where were the Viksø helmets produced?

It is not clear where the extraordinary Viksø helmets were produced. It may have been in central Europe or northern Germany, however, we cannot completely rule out that they were manufactured in Denmark. Under all circumstances the craftsmen were influenced by the bronze work of the east Alpine Donau area. Horned helmets must have been familiar objects in the North. Numerous rock carvings, especially from western Sweden, show men wearing horned helmets.

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