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The impressive arrowheads of the Dagger Period

It is not only ceremonial daggers we find from the Dagger Period. Other small masterpieces of flint technology have been dug up from the Danish soil. Around the beginning of the Dagger Period (2400-1800 BC) arrowheads were made in the triangular form known worldwide, as also used by North American Indians and other indigenous peoples. These arrowheads were made with the so-called pressure flaking technique, where small flakes of flint are removed with a pointed, hand-held tool. Arrowheads which were presumably ‘misses’ appear as stray finds scattered over the landscape. Sometimes the arrowheads are also found at settlement sites and in graves. Worked arrowheads were used throughout the Dagger Period and until the Late Bronze Age, when they could no longer compete with arrowheads of metal.