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In the House of the Goddess

In the House of the Goddess
The sanctuary of Athana Lindia on the acropolis in Lindos. Photo: Niels Bargfeldt.

The sanctuary of Athana Lindia in Lindos was active through many hundreds of years. It evolved from a simple sanctuary consisting only of a small temple, a terrace, and a long set of monumental stairs in the Archaic period (c. 750-480 BCE.) into a monumental sanctuary with large stoa complexes (covered and colonnaded walkways) in the Hellenistic period (c. 330-31 BCE.).

Through digital reconstructions based on knowledge from Danish, Italian, and Greek excavations, surveys, and reconstructions, along with contemporary parallels from the ancient Greek world, we are recreating the sanctuary as research show us it would have appeared when it was in use.

The digital models of the original objects, which are on display in the exhibition of the National Museum of Denmark, are embedded in the reconstructions of the sanctuary in the periods in which they were used, and within the surroundings of their original placements – and as such the past is recreated and brought to back to life.

In the House of the Goddess
The temple of Athana Lindia. Photo: Niels Bargfeldt.