Historical knowledge

Dogs and fur in the Stone Age

To the Stone Age hunter the dog was a loyal companion. Among the many skills of the dog, its hunting qualities were especially important. With its agility and phenomenal sense of smell the dog could track down the game that hid in the woods.

This made the dog an effective companion in the hunt for fur animals, which are mostly active at night. At the Stone Age settlement near Agernæs on Funen, bones from at least 93 individual fur animals, mainly pine marten, were found. Furthermore, remains from at least 10 dogs were found, of which several have cutting marks from skinning.

Domesticated dogs were therefore not only useful during their lifetime. To the Stone Age hunters the skins of their former hunting buddies were a raw material that should not be wasted. 

The skulls come from an old dog and a puppy. They are dated to approximately 4500 BC. 

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