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Samantha Reiter
S. Reiter, Photo: K. M. Frei

Samantha Reiter

This project is entitled “Investigating population dynamics in Bronze Age Denmark by isotopic tracing techniques” and will focus on the isotopic evidence of human remains from both inhumations and cremations from the Bronze Age in present day Denmark. It is intended to put the mobility of high-profile cases like Egtved (Frei et al. 2015) and Skrydstrup (Frei et al. 2017) into perspective. As such, it will examine the mobility of men, women and children in relation to the movement of the objects, materials and ideas incorporated in their burials or cremations.

This project will use strontium (87Sr/86Sr) to identify mobility and will thematically examine the origins of Bronze Age persons interred with Egyptian and Mesopotamian glass beads (Varberg et al. 2015) and the so-called ”shaman graves.”