Historical knowledge


The project

The Tumisiut project aims towards a revitalization of the extensive material collected across Arctic America, from Greenland to Siberia, during the Fifth Thule Expedition (1921-1924) led by the Danish scientist Knud Rasmussen. The project entails important research on the future practice of digital sharing and on how to engage in mutually achieving collaboration between source communities and institutions housing cultural heritage in their ethnographic collections.

Follow the project

The research and results of the Tumisiut project is aimed to reach a broader public. We wish to share the insights and make new knowledge available through text, sound and pictures. Here you can read about the visit from Cambridge Bay in December 2017 and follow the expedition in an interactive atlas!


Partners and collaboration

In 2014 the National Museum of Denmark was invited to engage in the development of a digital platform containing information and material from the Fifth Thule Expedition. The ambition of the Tumisiut project which now holds the aim of making the totality of the Fifth Thule collection available have sparked a series of important discussions, into which the National Museum of Denmark has invited new collaborative partners to engage.


The litterature about the Fifth Thule Expedition is rich. Here you will find a list of selected litterature, publications and media coverage.

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