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Practical information
Practical information
Find all you need to know before your visit at Brede Manor
Opening times
Opening times
Have a look at the opening times at Brede Manor
Opening hours and admission

Brede Manor is closed

Brede Works and Brede Manor is closed at the moment, due to the National Museum of Denmark's cutbacks in 2018. The National Museum plans to offer booked tours in parts of the area from the second quarter of 2019.

Today Brede Manor is part of the complex, which until 1831 was Brede Copper and Brass Works and subsequently Brede Textile Factory. The main building was built in 1795 as the country residence of the owner of Brede Works, Peter van Hemert (1734 - 1810).

The leading architect and decorator of the time

Van Hemert gave the task of the building work to an architect, who was experienced in the neoclassical architecture of the time, probably court architect Andreas Kirkerup. The decoration of the inside of the building was given by him to the court decorator Joseph Chr. Lillie. He was responsible for the ceiling and wall decoration, and presumably also much of the furniture.

Peter van Hemert goes bankrupt

The new country house should have been, and also became, a presentable summer residence for a man like Peter van Hemert, who took up a prominent place amongst the Copenhagen trading aristocracy. However, Peter van Hemert and his family enjoyed these pleasant surroundings for just a few years. In 1805 he became bankrupt and in the following years his possessions were auctioned off.

Opening hours and admission

Brede Works and Brede Manor is closed at the moment.

Brede Works

Brede Manor is part of Brede Works, which is the National Museum’s industrial museum.