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The Frøslev Camp Museum – a WW2 prisoner of war camp

One of Europe’s best preserved prisoner of war camps

The Frøslev Camp was built as a German internment camp in 1944 during the German occupation of Denmark and today is one of Europe’s best preserved German prisoner of war camps. Several thousand Danes were imprisoned at the camp by the German security police.

Even though the Frøslev Camp was built to avoid the deportation of Danes to concentration camps in Germany, around 1600 Frøslev prisoners were sent on, contrary to all agreements, to the horrors of the German concentration camps. In the days of liberation there was an urgent need for internment options for the thousands of Danish citizens, who the Resistance suspected of activities detrimental to the state.

The Frøslev Camp’s many barracks could be used for this purpose. The Frøslev Camp was renamed the Faarhus Camp and the camp was reused for the so-called quislings or traitors.  The museum contains an exhibition about the Faarhus Camp, which opened in March 2013.

Opening hours and admission

The Museum is closed through December and January

Day Ticket Adult DKK 60
1 Child + 1 Adult
 DKK 50
Child under 18 is free

Season Pass + 1 Companion DKK 175

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