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One of Europe’s most well preserved internment camps

The Frøslev Camp was built as a German internment camp in 1944 during the German occupation of Denmark, and is one of Europe’s most well preserved German camps from World War II. Several thousand Danes were imprisoned by the German security police (Gestapo) in the Frøslev Camp.

Even though the Frøslev Camp was built to avoid the deportation of Danes to concentration camps in Germany, some 1.600 Frøslev prisoners  were in fact deported to the horrors of these camps. In the days of liberation in 1945 there was an urgent need for facilities, where Danes, who had collaborated with the German occupationel power, could be interned. The Frøslev Camp was fit for this purpose. The camp was renamed Faarhus Camp and used until 1949 as an internment- and prison camp for collaborators.

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Explore our exhibitions about The Frøslev Prison Camp during the occupation and after World War II when it was used as a internment and prison camp named The Faarhus Camp.

Opening hours and admission

Tuesday-Friday 9am-16pm
Lørdag, søndag og helligdage 10am-17pm
Monday closed


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