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Book a group tour

It can be a very interesting and different feature at the family birthday, company event or something else entirely, to arrange a private guided tour of the museum.

You are also welcome to visit the museum by yourself. But if you visit in a group with more than ten people we recommend that you book ticket and time slot in advance to make sure there is avaible space at the museum.

Join us for a guided tour where we look at the darker sides of the Danish occupation

The things we don’t talk about

On this guided tour, we will take a closer look at some of the stories from occupation that are spoken about less often.

Join our new walking tour and see the traces of the occupation

Travel Back in Time to Occupied Copenhagen

Embark on a walking tour with the Museum of Danish Resistance. Traces of the occupation can be seen all around outside the museum’s walls.

At this guided tour you will get an introduction to the Danish occupation

An introduction to the museum

Embark on an exciting journey into occupied Denmark. We follow the fate of the Danes during World War II from 1940 – 1945.