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It is possible to book a group tour for up to 20 people at the Museum of Danish Resistance

Book a tour at the museum

Join an exciting tour through the occupated Denmark.

Follow the faith of the Danish people during 2. World War from 1940-1945. Is it possible for Denmark to do anything against the massive Nazi war machine?

On April 9 the Germans invade Denmark and the Danes wake up to a new reality. What can they do? While the bombers are flying around Copenhagen, the prime minister and the king have to give an answer to the Nazi ultimatum: Surrender or be bombed. What should they do to best protect their population and Denmark?

It is not only the prime minister and the king who face difficult choices during the next five years of occupation. Everybody has to make a decision: resist or nor?

Would you risk your life to help people who the Nazies want to send to concentration camps? The prize for resistance can be high. Would you be willing to risk your life to save others?

Our professional tour guides will guide you through the Danish occupation, the resistance movement and some of the many choices the Danish people had to make during the war.

Note: For the moment being we can only offer tours at either 11.00 or 14.00 o' clock due to the many visitors.

During normal opening hours: DKK 950 + admission ticket.
Outside normal opening hours: DKK 1500 + + admission ticket.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Number: Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions there is a limit of maximum 9 participants

Private tours must be book 7 days in advance

Book your tour
Phone: +45 41 20 60 80