The Children's Museum

Your visit to The Childrens museum

Kids can play their way through history at the Children's Museum. The “Grandma's Wardrobe” exhibition let them try on dresses from the days when grandma was a little girl, or a sailor's suit from when great-granddad was young. The wardrobe contains oldfashioned socks, underwear, aprons and more, and the girls also get the chance to dress up as modern-day princesses in pink tulle skirts.

The Children's Museum is suitable for kids aged up to 12.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday from 10.00-16.30 pm

The world of the Vikings

The Viking ship is a copy of the Gokstad ship from 10th century Norway. It was one of four small ships that an important Viking chieftain took with him on his journey to the kingdom of the dead, along with carriages, horses and other goods and chattels.

The 6.5-metre-long ship is a full-scale exact replica of the original. Children get to clamber on board and imagine they are sailing into the world of the Vikings – they can even dress up in copies of the costumes of the day.

Medieval riding boots

In the medieval stronghold, a copy of a pair of laced riding-boots with spurs lie side by side with a knight's helmet and a protective leather coat lined with chain mail. Like other medieval footwear, the boots have thin soles and no heels.

The star-shaped spurs on the boots were pressed into the horse's belly to make it gallop faster. Pointed shoes were modern in the 15th century.

Granddad´s classroom

The classroom in the Children's Museum is an exact copy of one from 1920, and this type of classroom was still in use in the 1940s and ’50s in Denmark. Museum staff often play the role of the old-fashioned schoolteachers, but kids are welcome to try out as teachers as well as pupils. Seated at one of these desks, they’ll soon get a feel for what the atmosphere must have been like at school for their grand-parents and greatgrand-parents.

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