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Private guided tours

Companies and private groups can book a guided tour at the National Museum. We can tailor a guided tour to suit your own wishes. A guided tour takes approximately 45 minutes and can take 25 people.

Guided tours for companies and private groups must be booked at least a week in advance and any cancellations or changes to your booking must be made no later than one week in advance.

Price: 120 DKK/person + 1100 DKK (guided tour for up to 25 people)

Guided tours can be arranged outside opening hours, but an additional charge of 1200 DKK will be charged to you.

Booking office information:
Phone: (+45) 41 20 60 66 / E-mail:

We always welcome your call should you need any help or advice.

Visit the Victorian Home
The Victorian Home. Photo: Tina Thor Jørgensen, the National Museum.

Visit the Victorian Home

Experience the Victorian Home - a hidden gem in Copenhagen close to the National Museum.
Read more about guided tours in the Victorian Home.

Price: 60 DKK/person + 1100 DKK (guided tour for up to 15 people)

We Will Survive!

We Will Survive!

Book a guided tour and experience the story of the people who came on foot to the country we call Denmark today. They fought for their lives. Against the cold, hunger and war. The people of the past were masters of survival. They stuck together. They made offerings to the gods. They transformed natural materials into weapons and jewellery to keep an uncertain world at bay.

On this tour we meet the people of ancient times and ask whether the past can show us how to survive today.

Price: 120 DKK/person + 1100 DKK (guided tour for up to 25 people)