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Practical information

How do I find Frilandsmuseet?
Main entrance, shop and restaurant: Kongevejen 100, 2800 Lyngby

North entrance by Brede: I. C. Modewegs Vej, 2800 Lyngby

Take the S-train line E to Sorgenfri and a 10 minute walk to the museum. Bus 184 and 194 stops at the main entrance, Kongevejen 100. The Jægersborg-Nærum train stops in Brede near Frilandsmuseets north entrance.

Plan your journey (public transport)

If you have any questions you can call us at (+45) 4120 6455 (in the opening season) or (+45) 3313 4411 (when the museum is closed for the winter)

Where can I park?
All parking is free. There is parking right by and opposite the main entrance and on the corner of Kongevejen and Højskolevej. Also a large car park at the northern entrance of I.C. Modewegs Vej.

Can I smoke in the open air museum?
Yes, but only at the picnic grounds. There are 4 picnic grounds in the museum.

Can I get something to eat and drink?
Yes, you have two options. You can bring your own food. We have 4 cozy picnic grounds, some of them with play –grounds for children. Some of them are covered and with good access for wheelchair users. A kiosk in the central picnic ground sells icecream, hotdogs, beverages, sandwiches, etc. You can also dine in Frilandsmuseets restaurant located in the entrance building, Kongevejen 100. The restaurant is open during museum hours.

May I bring my luggage in the museum?
Yes you may. We also have free lockers where your luggage can be kept during your visit. Borrow a key in the museumshop.

May I bring my pram?
Yes you may. But please do not take it inside the museum buildings and the museum gardens – the garden paths are very narrow.

Changing tables are available in toilets around the museum. Please ask in the museum shop.

May I bring my dog?
Yes you may. It is very welcome on a leash, but do not take it inside the museum buildings.

May I bring my bike into the museum?
No, you may not. But small children's bicycles without pedals are welcome.

Can I borrow trolleys?
Yes you can. You insert a 20 kr. coin, which you will get back when returning til trolley. The trolleys are for small children and luggage. They can not be used for bigger children.

When can I ride in the horse carriage?
You can ride the horsedrawn carriage when the weather allows it. You can call +45 41 20 64 55 if in doubt. A carriage tour costs 25 kr. per person and lasts about 20 minutes. The carriage can be reserved both for tours at Frilandsmuseet and outside the museum. Contact the coachmann  6088 0133. Read more about carriage rides on the coachman's website.

Can I get around by wheelchair?
Frilandsmuseets roads are gravel but stable. The terrain is hilly, so it may be difficult for wheelchair users, but it can be done. It is however difficult to get into courtyards and into the museum buildings with wheelchair. Three museum buildings have partial wheelchair access: Kniplehus from Nr. Sejerslev (no. 33), farm from Ostenfeld (no. 4) and Haugbarg Ejdersted (no. 31).

You can borrow a wheelchair. Call in advance on + 45 41 20 64 55 during museum opening hours and book a wheelchair. The wheelchairs are not motorized.

There is handicap parking at both entrances.

May I take pictures and record video?
Yes. We will be really happy if you take pictures and films.

When photographing and filming please remember ...

- It must be for private use (eg vacation photos, photos you share on the Internet, etc.)

- You must use an ordinary camera (without the stand) with regular flash.

- Our exhibits must not be harmed.

- Do not bother the other museum visitors.

- You must follow our staff's instructions.

Professional photography for commercial publication, may take place after authorization by the museum's communications unit, which may set a fee for filming. This can be arranged with communications- and events manager Annemarie Elvstrøm-Vieth or tel: 4120 6414

Practical information

Practical information

Welcome to Frilandsmuseet - The Open Air Museum north of Copenhagen.

Main entrance with shop and restaurant at Kongevejen 100, 2800 Lyngby

Nearest station: Sorgenfri

Bus numbers 184 and 194 stop at the main entrance Kongevejen 100.

Plan your journey (public transport)

North entrance on I.C. Modewegs Vej at Brede

Nearest station: Brede (Nærum line)

Free parking:

We have parking spaces at the main entrance and at Højskolevej, 2800 Lyngby and a large number of parking spaces at the northern entrance, I.C. Modewegs Vej near Brede.

Prams and pushchairs, changing facilities and handcarts

You can bring your own pram or pushchair with you or borrow a handcart. There are changing facilities in the toilets at the main entrance and at the picnicground situated in the middle of the museum.

Food and drink

Food and drink

A number of pleasant picnic areas can be found at the museum. Visit our cosy country kiosk  where you can buy sandwiches, coffee, cakes and oldfashioned sweets and softdrinks.

Smoking is allowed in the picnic areas. 

A Restaurant is located near the museum’s main entrance and is open during museum opening hours and offers a large selection of lunches, cakes, coffee, beer and water. The restaurant has a number of cosy function rooms and also serves food for companies or outings to the Open Air Museum.  

The horse-drawn carriage

The horse-drawn carriage

Take a lovely, relaxing tour in our horse-drawn carriage! The carriage operates every day weather permitting. The ride lasts around 20 minutes.

The carriage can be reserved for tours at the Open Air Museum itself, as well as outside the museum. Reservations are made by ringing the coachman before your visit on +45 60 88 01 33.

Visitors with disabilities or problems walking

There are two parking places for disabled near the main entrance at Kongevejen 100.

A wheelchair can be borrowed free in the museum shop. It is also possible to reserve a wheelchair in advance on 41 20 64 55 (during opening hours). 

The ground surface
The museum’s tracks and paths are gravelled, but are stable to travel on by wheelchair. There is limited wheelchair access to the houses, courtyards and gardens.

Complete or partial wheelchair access: Ostenfeldgården (the Ostenfeld farm) - Ejderstedgården (the Ejdersted manor) - Huset fra Nr. Sejerslev (the house from Nr. Sejerslev)

Toilet facilities for disabled are available

The central eating area
In the central picnic area there are a number of tables which offer easy access for wheelchair users.