Opening hours and admission

The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum

A Museum with Gunpowder and Flying Bullets

Enter a magnificent world of cannons, hand weapons, armour, uniforms and lethal swords in King Christian IV’s solid Renaissance arsenal from 1604. Since 1928 the high ceilinged rooms of The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum have housed exhibitions on the technology of war. Take a walk through the different galleries on war and weapons, and see tools of war ranging from samurai swords to a German V-1 flying bomb from World War II.

The museum building was originally the arsenal of Christian IV, and a cornerstone of his dream of creating a fortified Danish naval port and fleet. The old mooring rings for warships still hang along the brick walls– the last remnants of the dreams of glory past.

All firearms on display are non-functional.

A Combative History of Denmark

As the German poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht said during his World War II exile in Sweden with his wife and two children:  “War is like love, it always finds a way”.
See the story of the (in)human nature of war in The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum’s new, chronological exhibition on the 21 wars Denmark has fought over the past five centuries armed to the teeth with swords, blunderbusses, cannons and machine guns.

War is the Rule Rather than the Exception

War has formed Denmark as a nation. In The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum’s current special exhibitions, A Distant War and 1864 – The End or the Beginning? you can experience how war has influenced the lives of individual Danes, as well as Danish national identity.

Opening hours and admission

Tuesday - sunday 10-17
Mondays closed

Ticket Adult DKK 75
1 Child + 1 Adult DKK 60
Child under 18 is free

Season Pass + 1 Companion DKK 175

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