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The galeas Anna Møller

The galeas Anna Møller was built in Randers for Skipper Martin Sørensen of Lohals and given the name of Esther. In its early years it sailed with cargoes of timbers and was also used for laying cables by the Danish Post Office.

The galeas was given her first engine in 1922 and sailed with ordinary cargoes, such as briquettes, coal, rock salt and cement. In subsequent years it was based at Grenå and Odense and was later used as a fishing vessel at Nakskov. The ship was then sold to a foreign owner, but was soon bought by A. P. Møller’s foundation to preserve it as a museum ship.

The ship was handed over to the National Museum in 1976 - now with the name Anna Møller after the owner of the ship’s grandmother - and moored at Nyhavn. Prior to this it was extensively restored, with the work paid for by A.P. Møller’s foundation. The restoration took place at J. Ring Andersen’s shipyard at Svendborg. Prior to this the National Museum undertook a complete survey and recording of the ship involving interviews with previous owners, photographs and documents. As a result it was possible to locate the ship’s original galley, which was functioning as a henhouse in Odense. 

In the first years after the restoration the ship was used for teaching, and schoolchildren could go on a pretend trip in the boat. In recent years the Anna Møller has been sailed and maintained by a group of volunteers from a boat association, who take part in various sailing activities every summer, so that the ship can remain operational and be presented to the public around the country.