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The Frøslev Camp Museum

The Frøslev Camp Museum is a national historical museum, which deals broadly with Denmark during the German occupation 1940-45 and World War Two, but with special emphasis upon, from an international perspective, the German political prisoner of war camps of Horserød and Frøslev, together with the deportation of Danish citizens to German concentration camps.

The Frøslev Camp Museum also has a regional profile, in which the museum, for instance, taking its starting point with the Faarhus Camp (which the Frøslev Camp was renamed after the Liberation, when the camp was used first as an internment centre and later as a state punishment camp during the ‘judicial settlement’), deals with the national conflicts of interest over North Schleswig between 1933 and 1955. 

In relation to both the national and regional historical dimensions, the Frøslev Camp Museum cooperates with institutions and specialist networks in Denmark and abroad. These networks stretch across the museums and university worlds.

The Frøslev Camp Museum

The Frøslev Camp Museum
Lejrvej 83
6330 Padborg

Telefon:  74 67 65 57