Things to do in Copenhagen

If you’re planning a visit to our exciting capital, you’re probably wondering how to make the best use of your precious time. As you can imagine, Copenhagen has dozens of fun and unique things to do. Here’s our list of the top attractions in every category—and every one is definitely a winner!

Whether you are looking for fun with the kids, grand historical buildings, a royal touch og military history we've got you covered - even tips for a rainy day (which- lets face it - does happen now and then)



Top Things To Do In Copenhagen

Especially For Kids

A Children’s Museum that’s fun!

The National Museum of Denmark is a thrilling world of adventure and surprises, a wondrous place where kids explore history while they play. Take the family on a voyage in a Viking ship. Become a schoolchild of the 1930s and find out what your great-grandparents were learning. Make a snack in the ancient medieval kitchen. Get the castle ready for an enemy attack. The Children’s Museum is one place that invites kids to touch everything in sight!

Tivoli Gardens

Visit this charming, world-famous amusement park right in the middle of busy Copenhagen. It’s an absolute must-see for every family with kids.


Science lovers of all ages will have fun—and learn lots of amazing new things—at this world-class science centre where everyone can touch and play. Experience science in a whole new way!

Our magnificent past

Copenhagen has a wonderfully rich history—you can see it as you stroll past the gracious old buildings in the centre of the city. Come and discover the treasures of the past at these intriguing places where history comes to life


Christiansborg Palace

If you want to see Denmark’s stately centre of power, visit beautiful Christiansborg Palace on the tiny island of Slotsholmen, home to the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Royal Reception Rooms.

The National Museum of Denmark

It’s the nation’s largest cultural museum, a grand storehouse of Danish history. You’ll explore Prinsens Palæ (Prince’s Mansion) and take a fascinating journey through the Stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and modern times. Travel through time to meet the Danes!

The Victorian Home

Experience the atmosphere of cosiness, as well as fine materials and craftsmanship of the late nineteenth century. The charming interiors have been preserved almost unaltered since the home was stylishly furnished in 1890 by the top interior designers of the time. To best enjoy this delightful place, be sure to book a guided tour.

“Meet” the Royals

The Monarchy through the ages

The Danish Monarchy is one of the oldest in the world, but it has continuously developed over the years. At The National Museum of Denmark’s “Stories of Denmark” exhibition, you’ll experience its progress from the introduction of the absolute monarchy in 1660 to today’s democratic welfare state.


To see where the Royal family lives today, visit lovely Amalienborg. You may not see the Queen, but if the Danish flag is hoisted over one of the four mansions, you’ll know that the Royals are in residence. The Royal Guard is always at home, so take the kids to see the thrilling changing of the guard at noon.

Denmark at War

The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum / The Danish War Museum

Enter a magnificent exhibition on the technology of war. Tour the galleries and learn the history of Danish military gear, from cannons and hand weapons to armour, uniforms, and lethal swords. At The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum you get a unique look at the ways that war through the ages has touched the lives of individual Danes.

The Vessels at Holmen

Rub elbows with history on board three naval icons from the Cold War—a submarine, a missile boat, and a frigate. The vessels stand as if they had just been taken out of service and are open to visitors during the summer and on autumn holidays.

The Citadel

The beautiful Citadel was founded by the Danish king in the seventeenth century, and this historic fortification still shapes the landscape on the border of inner Copenhagen. Go for a relaxing walk on the green grass ramparts and enjoy great views of the harbour - it's free.

When it Rains

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

In magnificent surroundings, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen’s city centre exhibits a truly impressive collection of antique art as well as works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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