Historical knowledge

The man from Muldbjerg

An oak coffin was excavated from a mound at Muldbjerg, western Jutland, in 1883. The man in the coffin was dressed in a knee-length coat of wool held together by a leather belt and over this he wore a woollen, kidney-shaped cloak. The costume also included a pair of foot wraps - two rectangular pieces of woollen material that lay at his feet. A double-button made of horn, two fibulae and two round bronze plates, so-called tutuli, were attached to the costume. On his head he wore a hat with a furry surface or nap made from numerous small, thin treads ending in knots. On the right-hand side of the coffin was a bronze sword in a finely decorated wooden scabbard. The coffin is dendrochronologically dated to 1365 BC.

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