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The women’s belt ornaments

While a man’s status was demonstrated by the sword, a woman’s social standing was marked by large belt ornaments, like belt plates and hanging vessels. Both the swords and the belt ornaments testify to the high standard of bronze casting and artistic craftsmanship. In the Early Bronze Age belt ornaments and swords were often decorated with spirals. In the Late Bronze Age various circle and star patterns became fashionable.

One of the masterpieces is the belt plate from Langstrup.

The belt plate from the 200 kroner banknotes

The motive of the belt plate from Langstrup is decorating the back side of the 200 kroner banknotes. It is one of the finest belt plates, and was in danger of ending its days as "junk" when it was discovered in the late 1800.

Read the story of the belt plate from Langstrup on the 200 kroner banknotes.

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