Historical knowledge

The legends of Borum Eshøj

In earlier times it was said that the big barrow, which was almost ten metres high 150 years ago, contained the earthly remains of the famous Prince Buris. The prince had flirted with King Valdemar the Great’s sister ‘Little Kirsten’ and had his eyes put out as punishment. Another legend says that the large mound was occupied by a cruel troll. However, an east Jutland warrior named Sven Fælding was persuaded by another troll from Jelshøj to kill the Borum Eshøj troll. Before this the Jelshøj Troll had given Sven Fælding a drinking horn containing a magic potion that gave him incredible strength. The drinking horn exists to this day in the museum Kulturen in Lund. It is a Late Medieval drinking horn with fittings and an inscription that bears the name of Sven Fælding.

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