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The old man from Borum Eshøj

The buried man reached the age of 50-60. The body was so well preserved that it had to be dismembered for transport to Copenhagen with the muscles still holding the skeleton together. He had well manicured nails and a newly-shaven face. The man lay upon a cow skin and was covered with a woollen blanket. He was dressed in a hat with a round crown, a kidney-shaped cloak, a kilt, two foot cloths and a belt. All the textiles were made from wool. The only other object in the grave, apart from the items of clothing, was a wooden needle, which was attached to the cloak’s collar.

Finds of wood chips show that the coffin in which he was laid was carved from an oak trunk on the spot. The coffin is tree-ring dated to 1351 BC.

The old man from Borum Eshøj
The old man from Borum Eshøj.

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