Historical knowledge

A woman from far away?

The grave goods from the Årslev grave come from different parts of Europe. Small bits and pieces of a Roman table service consisting of bronze buckets and dishes were preserved. The pendants of gold with inset red garnets came from the Black Sea area or southern Russia. The same probably applies to the coin, which is an imitation of a Roman coin, and the crystal ball. Perhaps the owner of the grave goods also came from southeastern Europe? The links between the Funen area and the southeastern European aristocratic families were close during the Late Roman Iron Age. A good way of consolidating such links was for the families to intermarry. This may be how the woman from Årslev came to Funen – as part of a political alliance.

Prince Grave from Northern Europe in the third century AD. The light blue area shows the Roman Empire extent at this time. The graves from Himlingøje and Juellinge also includes Roman imports.

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