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Iron Age Gods

In 3rd-6th century AD it became more and more common to show images of people and animals, both in the form of figurines and decorations on jewelry, drinking vessels and weapons. Many of the pictures cannot be interpreted today, while other gives a surprising insight into the world of gods that the contemporary humans worshiped. We do not know the names of the small naked male figures of bronze, which belongs to this period. But just the fact that men are naked or just wearing a collar and a belt around there waist, shows us that they might be interpreted as gods. On gold bracteates from 5th-6th century AD shows people and scenes that belong in the Nordic world of Gods, as we knew only from the medieval sagas and Edda poems. Here we can see the God Tyr with his hand in the Fenris-wolf's jaws, and the King of the gods Odin riding on his horse Sleipner. Much indicates that the Nordic world of Gods where formed during the 3rd-4th century AD, probably under the influence of the Roman Gods.

Iron Age gods
You can see the mysterious malefigure of tree, bronze and gold in the exhibition regarding the Prehistoric Period.