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Iron Age Gods

In3rd-6thcentury ADit became more andmore common toshowimagesofpeopleandanimals, bothin the form offigurinesanddecorationson jewelry, drinking vesselsandweapons. Many of the picturescannot be interpretedtoday, while othergives asurprisinginsight intotheworld of gods that the contemporaryhumansworshiped. We do not knowthe names of thesmallnakedmale figuresofbronze, whichbelongs tothis period. But justthe fact thatmenare nakedor justwearing acollarandabelt around there waist, shows us thattheymight be interpreted asgods. Ongoldbracteatesfrom5th-6th century ADshowspeopleandscenes thatbelong intheNordicworld of Gods, aswe knew onlyfrom the medievalsagasandEddapoems. Here we can see the God Tyr with his hand in the Fenris-wolf's jaws, and the King of the godsOdinriding onhis horseSleipner. Much indicates that the Nordicworld of Gods where formedduring the3rd-4th century AD, probablyunder the influence ofthe RomanGods.

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Iron Age gods
You can see the mysterious malefigure of tree, bronze and gold in the exhibition regarding the Prehistoric Period.
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