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The drama continues

The story of the Golden Horns is a dramatic one. After the original Golden Horns were stolen and destroyed in 1802, the copies took their place. In the autumn of 2007 at a special exhibition at the museum Royal Jelling, near Vejle, the copies were stolen, together with an amber bear and a gold neck ring. The thieves had managed to find a ladder in order to get through a window. Once in the exhibition area they smashed a reinforced display case with an axe. Luckily the culprits were quickly arrested and afterwards all the objects came to light again. The amber bear and one of the Golden Horns were undamaged, but the other Golden Horn was left with saw marks on its pointed end. The gold neck ring had also been broken into a number of pieces and some of these are still missing.

The drama continues
The copies of the Golden Horns are once again back at the National Museum, where they can be seen in Room 22 of the exhibition Danish Prehistory.
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