Historical knowledge

Human sacrifice in the early Neolithic period

Human beings were sacrificed in the early Neolithic period. For example, two young girls ended their lives in a lake, now the bog Sigersdal Mose in northern Zealand, almost 5500 years ago. One of the girls was 18-20 years old. She had a cord tightened around her neck and had probably been strangled. On one side of her head there is an injury. Whether she was subjected to violence before she died, or her skull was damaged during the time in the bog, cannot be determined. The other girl in Sigersdal Mose was about 16. The cause of her death cannot be established. Perhaps she also was strangled. The skulls of the two girls have features in common and they may have been sisters.

One of the women from Sigersdal had a rope around her neck, when she was found. She was probably strangled.

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