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The Viking Age

Danish prehistory culminated in the Viking Age, the period from 800 until 1050 AD. During the Viking Age the first kings appeared, who ruled an area roughly corresponding to present-day Denmark. On King Harald Bluetooth’s rune stone at Jelling, Denmark is named for the first time around 965 AD. At the end of the Viking Age Denmark’s king also ruled over England and Norway during certain periods.

The Viking Age was characterized by sea travel and expeditions to foreign territories. The Vikings set sail in ships and fleets to trade, obtain revenues and conquer new land. You can learn about the large quantities of silver treasures that they brought back with them here. Furthermore, during the Viking period the old Nordic religion and its gods were replaced by Christianity. Read also about the magnate from Mammen, who in 970-71 was buried with significant furnishings, including an ornamental axe and a candle – the old Nordic burial customs combined with the new Christianity.

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The Viking Age

A magnate was buried in the grave at Mammen in the winter of 970-71 AD. The items with him included an expensive costume, an ornamental axe with inlaid silver decoration and a large candle. The grave from Mammen