Historical knowledge

Tales of Bronze Age Women

Tales of Bronze Age Women is a 3-year multi-disciplinary research project that investigates the mobility, identity and social roles of Bronze Age Women in Denmark. The project, which is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, focuses thus on state-of-the-art biogeochemical, biomolecular, anthropological and archaeological investigations of human remains.

Research Team

Project director, Research Professor, Karin M. Frei works together with a team of researchers from a variety of fields and from different institutions including archaeologists, museum curators, geneticists, forensic scientists, textile experts, geologists, geochemists, anthropologists, etc.

News and Press

Our research and results are of interest for the general public, and we aim to publish our results on the web and social media. Read more about how we use interdisciplinary research to map out prehistoric lives.


Our goal is to publish the results of our research in a number of peer-reviewed international journals, some of which will be Open Acces (links are available on the publications page). We will also make our results availabe though popular publications, conferences, talks and social media.

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