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International “Tales of Bronze Age Women” Workshop 9-11 October 2017, held at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen

The “Tales of Bronze Age Women” Project was delighted to gather together 25 Bronze Age research experts from across the world at the National Museum of Denmark for an intense and stimulating workshop from 9-11 October, 2017. The theme of the workshop was specifically geared towards the interpretation and contextualization of the radical new strontium isotope and aDNA data being produced which imply a high degree of mobility (especially female mobility) during the European Bronze Age. Theoretical attempts were made to characterize the various types of human mobility which seem to have been an important part of the social dynamics during this period. Furthermore, the causes of movement and the knock-on problematization of that area of research were also brought forward. Notable discussions included papers which not only reflected on the breadth and scope of the past few years’ research, but also projected a long-term view of Bronze Age scholarship into the future.

Between the exciting new excavated material coming out of Denmark to the most recent research results from our colleagues abroad, the Tales of Bronze Age Women research project is thrilled with and thankful for the lively and fruitful discussions brought about by the workshop as well as the first germinations of the future collaborations, papers and conference sessions which are being planned as a result. We thank all the participants very much for their contributions and for sharing their thoughts with all of us. As this first meeting brought about many new research questions, and as many new data is on the way, we plan on calling for another such “meeting of the Bronze Age minds” in 2019.

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